Open to inspection and criticism

Photographs are being printed amount.  Invitation cards are ready to be mailed.  I am preparing for my first solo show.  It is in a small gallery space in front of an art house theatre in Martha’s Vineyard that will up during the off season,  But still, it is the first time for me to show just my work.  I have been in a few shows before, one or two pieces amongst many others.  Able to pick a few favorites and hope for the best. Now it is just me, open to inspection and criticism.  

This journey has been relatively short.  Just five years ago I was taking snap shots at best and then I took a workshop that made me fine my joy and passion in photography.  I have been a slow learner, and I have thousands of bad photos to document this journey.  

However, I have been fortunate to have inspiring and dedicated instructors who met me where I was and pushed me constantly to work harder, think more and shoot less.  They demanded that I try not to be just technically better, but that I have a creative vision. 

As I prepared for the show I have been assisted by so many kind people that tampered my fears.  The owner of the printing company, who spent an hour just chatting about photography and life so I would be calm enough to show him my work. My friend and busy museum director who looked through a hundred photos and helped select and curate the final pieces.  My friends who have pledged to make the trek to see the show in support.

I am terrified and excited.