So that was quick!

It took ten months of planning and work and worry to prepare and mount my first solo show, and the time it was up felt like a moment. I am so greatful for the experience and appreciative of all the peple that helped make this show possible.

Seeing my work professionally printed, mounted and hung was an amazing and humbling. There was also quite a bit of learning. Exhibiting your work can be expensive. The costs of printing, installing, shipping, promotional materials can really add up. Planning the exhibit took more time than I had expected. There are so many decison points, about what to show, sizes, type of material, and curating.

And then there is the doubt: did I pick the right work, will people like it, what will people say, does it make sense.

In the end, the show was in my opnion a sucess. It was well received and there was a strong showing at the opening reception. There was a positive write up in the local paper and many affirming emails. I even sold several pieces.

Time to plan for the next exhibit.